Hitachi Brand Case Study

Brand Campaign

Being at the forefront of innovation and technology can be exciting, but it comes with challenges. Driving awareness, especially if you’re the company leading the charge, can be difficult. This is why Hitachi chose to work with UM. We understood the need to balance long-standing heritage with cutting-edge innovation, in order to create a high-impact global brand campaign.

The UM strategy

Using our proprietary ‘Moments Planning” tool, we were able to identify insights that helped us to truly understand the target audience. Drawing out relevant truths about each audience including media preferences, motivations and desires, helped us identify the most effective channels that would deliver our objectives.

The campaign ran across offline and online channels and demanded a huge degree of campaign integration across multiple specialist areas. Having the Moments Planning process adopted as standard across European UM teams in the UK and Italy meant a consistent, high-quality approach throughout the brand campaign, regardless of location.


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