About Us

UM Central is a fully integrated service media agency, here to help brands reach their potential now and in the future. With offices in London, Birmingham, Bristol and Leeds, we cover the depth and breadth of the UK.

We use intelligent data to draw valuable insights, so that we can understand and curate the best possible strategy to motivate customers – at the right time, in the right place.

Our integrated, media-neutral approach to delivering brand or direct response messages allows us to deliver the most impactful combination of media channels. Whether we’re working digitally through SEO, PPC and Display marketing or via offline channels like TV, Print, Radio, Door Drops or Out of Home advertisements, our goal is always meaningful connections.

An integral part of McCann Central, our team has access to a wide range of integrated marketing services to reach audiences across all touchpoints including Research, Strategy, Business Consultancy, Creative Advertising, Production, and PR & Social Media. We partner with clients nationally and internationally across multiple sectors and are proud to be part of the IPG network, one of the world’s most powerful marketing holding companies.

Our Services


Achieve your marketing, brand, and media objectives with a tailored, insightful strategy.

Data Analytics & Intelligence

Unique tools to help you gain invaluable insights into each step of your target consumer journey.


Reach and connect with vast audiences whilst instilling trust and achieving emotional impact.

Digital Advertising

More than just banners, digital advertising is the lifeblood of any brand.

Search Marketing

Improve your visibility and ability to drive higher levels of quality online traffic.

Print Media

Strategic national and international media planning and buying services, driven by intelligent data.


Navigate over 300 stations to achieve the strongest approach for your brand in radio.


Transform your outdoor advertising while boosting campaign effectiveness across all channels.

Direct Media

Drive your campaign via sophisticated direct marketing tactics -including DM, door drops and email.


We'd love to answer any questions you might have and see if there are any opportunities to work together. Let's create an exceptional media campaign and make meaningful connections with your audience.

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