Metro Rod Case Study

On-Page Optimisation Led Strategy

Founded in 1983, Metro Rod are one of the leading providers of drain and drainage services within the UK. They offer everything from drain unblocking to flood water clean-up, FOG removal to CCTV drain surveys, septic tank emptying to drain mapping.

With franchisees up and down the country, Metro Rod have a nationwide presence, specialising in both B2B and B2C operations. Their customer base includes organisations in facilities management, retail, water utilities, hospitality, insurance, and housing - as well as having a wide array of other customers in the public and private sectors.

Metro Rod not only offer planned services, but they also offer a 24/7 emergency response service, meaning that they can respond quickly to any drainage needs that come their way.

The UM strategy

Following technical checks, an on-page strategy was developed for Metro Rod. Each service page on the site was approached manually and optimised using a mixture of different techniques. The goal behind this was to achieve fantastic results by catering to the individual needs of a page rather than making blanket changes across the site.

Each page would start with keyword research to ensure that the right word was targeted, allowing for the page to reach as wide an audience as possible.

When looking to optimise a page, the goal was always to work with what was on the page and build upon it as opposed to writing each page from scratch. This allowed for the current optimisation and SERP (Search Engine Results Page) rankings to be continuously improved as the content was built out. In building out a page, on-page copy would be optimised and additional copy would be added where needed. Additional content was developed through consulting with Metro Rod, analysing competitors, and seeking to answer as many potential customer questions as possible.

A technical SEO strategy was developed to support the on-page optimisation. This included building FAQs on each page and marking each page up with FAQ Schema (a form of data mark-up) to help highlight questions in the SERP. This increased SERP presence and SERP real estate.


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