Ovenclean SEO Case Study

Holistic SEO Strategy

Launched in 1994, Ovenclean is one of the UK’s original oven cleaning franchises, with over 100 franchisees operating across the UK. Specialising in cleaning and repairing all brands and styles of oven, Ovenclean specialists are able to also clean microwaves, extractor fans, and barbecues as a part of their repertoire. Ovenclean use a bespoke cleaning methodology that uses no-added caustic solution in order to not only ensure that ovens are left in a fantastic condition, but also make them available for use directly after being cleaned.

The UM strategy

A holistic SEO approach was developed to drive the maximum number of visitors to the Ovenclean site. From a technical perspective, this included regular technical audits with attributed actions. As well as paying close attention to the structure of the site and on-page technical elements such as meta-data and tagging, Schema was developed to improve the SERP (search engine results page) presence and broaden the SERP real estate that the Ovenclean site had access to.

Over the past few years, regular keyword research has been conducted along with content planning activity. This has allowed the Ovenclean blog to develop into a tool that has helped draw a large number of visitors into the site, not only educating users in how to clean specific aspects of their ovens, but also upselling the Ovenclean services. This has helped Ovenclean reach a wider audience, not just aiding in reaching people who are looking to have their oven cleaned, but also raising awareness in those looking at topics in and around kitchen cleaning.

Content optimisation has always played a large part in the Ovenclean strategy and reaching a wider audience. By taking each page and individually optimising it, it has been possible to appear both higher up the rankings and for a wider array of keyphrases. This has been supported with off-page optimisation and link building activity in order to help build a stronger site.

The Ovenclean SEO strategy is an all-encompassing optimisation strategy designed to look deeply at all facets of SEO and has delivered fantastic results over the past couple of years.


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