Media Mastery: UM Central away day

Last month, media teams from across our McCann Central network gathered in Birmingham for a day of collaboration, innovation, and media mastery.

The teams came together to explore and celebrate the art and science behind media, exploring several themes through presentations and group projects.

The teams flexed their expertise as they explored topicsand ideas to build their knowledge and understanding of the media landscape.

These included:

  • Strategic planning
  • The intricacies of client leadership
  • Crafting effective media schedules
  • The significance of data and analytics

And more…

The day was filled with insights and the teams came away feeling empowered, inspired, and energised.

“Our Media Mastery away day was a fantastic opportunity to bring our teams together incollaboration. Witnessing our teams share knowledge and expertise was inspiring—it epitomized the power of collective wisdom we have at UM Central. This day marked a key moment, not just in our journey toward media excellence, but in our commitment to collaborative growth." – Kevin Murphy, Group Managing Director, UM.

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