Getting ‘Back to Business’ with Radiocentre: Curiosity is essential

Our Radio Expert, Adrian Baker attended Radiocentre's 'Tune in' event. Here's what he discovered

Radiocentre’s latest ‘Tuning In’ event branched out from simply talking about audio’s recent performance, to lead a range of discussions on how brands and agencies can successfully navigate the current and future COVID landscape.

Over the last six months, radio has been going from strength-to-strength as large numbers of workers began working from home. Radio has always been known as the friend in the room; a companion for people engaging in other activities whilst at home. Latest RAJAR figures show that 89% of UK radio listeners, listen to radio every week. That statistic stays at a very strong 82% even for the hard to reach 15-24 age group.

While those numbers have remained strong and steady for many years, Radiocentre’s research has shown that 38% of listeners are listening even more – by up to around 1 hour 30 minutes per day! More importantly, those listeners are 58% more likely than non-listeners to still be spending discretionary income on treats for themselves and their families.

The research also revealed that 30% of commercial radio listeners have tried a new brand during lockdown (25%+ higher than non-listeners). This willingness amongst consumers to try new brands shows the importance of being curious about clients’ businesses. Although the various speakers offered different perspectives, the links to the need for curiosity and new insights were clear.

Martin Glenn, former PepsiCo President and CEO of the FA, talked about the need to make sure that generating new insights was the first thing to be invested in during this period. In previous recessions, people’s fundamental behaviours hadn’t changed after the initial upheaval. That isn’t going to be the case this time around, meaning brands and agencies need to translate the new, ugly truths of the world and work out what it means for consumer behaviour.

Iain Leslie, a former agency worker who writes on human behaviour, talked about three ‘mindset rules’ that are more relevant now than ever before to the advertising world:

It’s clear from Radiocentre’s latest research that lockdown and the related changes in media habits have magnified the benefits of radio. Flexibility, cost-efficient reach, a direct link into people’s homes and the companionship that it provides, have been invaluable to brands in the last six months.

The most precious advice from the assembled speakers turned out to be much broader than that, however. The chance to turn this period of upheaval into an opportunity, to reset what we think about our clients’ brands, their products and their target audience is an exciting prospect for curious agencies. Insight gathering is about more than facts and figures. It’s about finding new truths upon which to build communications plans.

For more useful insights, you can tune in to some of the speakers here​ or visit RadioCentre for more upcoming events.

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