UM Weekly Roundup: 6th November

Why is this important?

The research supports the claim of mail effectiveness from DM and DD providers. In a Digital dominated market, these findings have shown the impact of Direct Mail at driving young audiences online after seeing a mailer. Direct Mail in this case would be ideal to run alongside a Digital campaign and drive more leads to their websites.

Why is this important?

The temporary update is being displayed to help quell public dissent, and counter rising angst over the pending result. This addition takes a stance on managing the social conflict side of online interactions, and the potential consequences of it. The platforms want to be known as credible information and opinion sharing networks, and not incite anti-social behaviour of any kind, which may result if propaganda or misinformation is widespread. This information banner aims to combat this happening.

Why is it important?

Just watching the video shows how engrained Google has become with our everyday lives. Each scene demonstrates how easy it is to find the information we seek. From settling debates on when your favourite football team last won a cup or looking up ingredients for a new recipe to try. It highlights how important being online, ranking in Google and being found has become.​