Thinkbox TV Planning Award 2021 Winners!

Proud winners of prestigious Thinkbox TV Planning Award for Dexcom

UM Birmingham, is delighted to have secured another prestigious Thinkbox TV Planning award in the Best TV Newcomer category for its work with Dexcom.

The awards are run in conjunction with Campaign to celebrate fantastically effective uses of TV and recognise the brilliant people behind the campaigns, so winning this award is a real testament to our team’s hard work, expertise and top client collaboration.

The Dexcom award follows UM’s previous win for its work with Gtech, and was awarded in recognition of its inaugural campaign, which raised awareness of Dexcom’s G6 Continuous Glucosamine Monitoring technology and how it allows Type 1 Diabetics to monitor blood sugar levels on their smart phone without the inconvenience and pain of finger-pricks.

Kevin Murphy, UM Birmingham Managing Director, commented:

“Our multi-media campaign was led by TV and supported by market leading econometric modelling, to deliver outstanding results and help raise awareness of how Dexcom can help make a real difference to those with Type 1 Diabetes. We are absolutely thrilled to have won this award and it just goes to show the brilliant results that can be achieved with strong client and agency collaboration.”

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