World Mental Health Day

It is evident that, when it comes to supporting workers’ mental health, companies aren’t doing enough; the Health and Safety Executive revealed that, for the first time, work-related stress, anxiety or depression accounted for more than half of all working days lost due to ill health in the UK in 2018.

On World Mental Health Day, 10th October 2019, we took the opportunity to highlight some new tools to support the wellbeing both in and out of work.

We have built a cross-agency network of internal platforms to support employee wellbeing, through partnerships with organisations such as The Performance Club, Mindfulness at Work, Mind, Mend, Mental Health Foundation and the IPA. Delivered in TED-style talks, physical exercise training (reiki, martial arts), emotional resilience workshops, art classes and more, aiming to debunk the misconception that mental health is a no-go subject at work.