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Make more out of the visitors to your website.

Conversion Rate Optimisation, better known as CRO, can help transform your website. Unlike with other methods of marketing, such as SEO or PPC, CRO isn't based around the idea of driving more visitors to your website. Instead, conversion rate optimisation is about making the most out of every user who is on your website, and helping drive them towards the conversion funnel.

As a highly experienced CRO agency, we have worked with a collection of clients in a range of sectors. With the personability of a smaller agency, but the resources of the global McCann network, the UM Birmingham CRO agency team works with you in order to design the best possible solution and series of tests for your needs.

Although we have a local team in Birmingham, our CRO team have an international reputation. We have worked with a wide range of companies to help improve their conversion rates and make more out of the users to their sites.

Conversion Rate Optimisation uses scientific methods to discover the barriers stopping your users from converting. Small changes to the layout and messaging of your site can have a significant impact on your conversion rate and sales.

The scenario above shows a website with 10,000 visits a month and a 1% conversion rate. To double the sales without improving the conversion rate would require a 100% increase in visitors. It is often easier to get the same result by improving the conversion rate by 1% than increasing the visits by 100%.

CRO Agency Process

Gather Data

Step #1 is to gather data. This is done through a number of different methods, from Google Analytics data to Heat Maps in order to create a holistic overview of how users behave on the site.

Create Hypotheses

Once the data has been gathered then it is analysed in order to generate hypotheses. Using those hypotheses it is then possible to design tests.

Run Tests

Designing tests based on the hypotheses it is then possible to run tests using tools such as Google Optimise. Once the test has been run, the results can be analysed and the process started over.

Step 3: Run Tests

The selected hypotheses can be tested on the website to examine their impact on the conversion rate.

Google Optimize allows us to run A/B tests on websites. The traffic to a page is split between two versions. The first version is the current page, and the second version is the modified test page. The results of the test show if the hypotheses are true and have successfully improved the conversion rate.

Continuous Optimisation

Once the data has been collated then it is possible to implement changes before beginning the process again. This allows for a continuous optimisation cycle, whereby tests can be run on top of successful implementations.


If you have any questions about our CRO processes, or if you would like to find out more about how we can help you make the most out of your website visitors, please feel free to contact us today.

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