Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising: More than just banners

At UM Birmingham, our in-house display team operate across all paid digital media, enabling us to fulfil integrated campaigns across the full purchase decision funnel.

Activating digital adverts during the times, contexts, places and moments that matter ensures the continuity of media strategy (from planning, creative conception to implementation). These are catered for through a variety of targeting techniques and placement opportunities.

Working alongside Digital Media Partners either on a managed service basis or across in-house self-serve platforms; data is central to every campaign. The utilisation and layering of first, second or third party data ensures that we are targeting the right user, at the right time and in the right environment. Our integrated campaign insights enable constant optimisation, learning, and better informed future activity.


Display adverts can be used as an ‘always on’ strategy (ideal for long term brand building in order to grow sales), or short term tactical campaigns to support marketing goals (for example, promote limited offers, increase retail footfall, or deliver incremental TV reach).

To respond to a variety of objectives, we access a full spectrum of display media including programmatic, video, paid social, email and affiliates, to deliver impactful media campaigns.

With attribution reporting, display advertising becomes more attainable for marketing teams. Instead of a last-click or ‘fame’ medium, we create business cases for our clients to reimagine their media strategy based on true ROI.

  • Strategic Channel Planning
  • Media Owner Briefing
  • Media Negotiation & Booking
  • Trafficking, Tagging & Implementation
  • Ongoing Campaign Management
  • Reporting & Optimisation
  • Reconciliation & Billing
  • Post Campaign Analysis

Digital Advertising Statistics

Don’t take our word for it, just look at some of these tried and tested digital marketing statistics.


  • 57% of display advertising spend is now across mobile versus desktop


  • Video advertising spend is the fastest growing channel (+46% YoY)


  • Today 80% of display advertising is traded programmatically


We'd love to answer any questions you might have and see if there are any opportunities to work together. Let's create an exceptional online campaign and make meaningful connections with your audience.

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